Saturday, January 30, 2010


While working on Remains of the Day Journal, I realized I had too much STUFF. I was tripping over boxes , knocking things over and not finding items that I knew I had. I was so terribly frustrated that I had to stop creating and PURGE. It took me one week, 3 trips to Salvation Army and a whole of decisions of what to keep and what to give away. I was exhausted. After the GREAT PURGE I went back to creating. It was so invigorating and it re-energized me. My new pledge is to do with what I have which is much easier to do since the GREAT PURGE. I do believe that too much stuff gets in the way of creativity.
Of course I added this to my ROD journal.

I reached my breaking point and realized I couldn't work in this environment.

I added my clutter photos as fold-outs to the serene photo page of a window that reminded me of what I needed to get back to. SIMPLICITY

After the Great Purge, I feel I can breathe freely and be much more creative as I am not frustrated with choices of what to use or where I may have put that special something. I now pull the items that I am going to use in a small box and create from that box. I find that I am reducing my stash and using items that are really meaningful to me. Also clean up is a breeze as everything now has a place and it is much more inviting to come back to.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to Blog

I am so excited about Mary Ann Moss' Remains Of The Day Online Class, that I just have to share.
This is a very creative journal using up scraps that I have had for years and just couldn't wait to use until now because I found the perfect medium to use them. I FOUND IT. Warning though, once you start you can't stop. She is a great teacher and I have enjoyed every minute of it. This is an ongoing class so you can join anytime.

First pg. My old Girl scout membership from 1959

Lots of pockets, flaps and hidden journaling

recycled security envelops and photo pages

More photo pages and journaling

I am finally sewing again, only paper though.....

Vintage papers, doilies, ribbon & of course journaling

just a page waiting for journaling

background page is from a stencil project I did this past summer also from Mary Ann's stencil class. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Hope you enjoy, I am going to journal now. Keep warm and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.